I’m Deb Mills, mom of 2, yoga enthusiast and mindful parent. 

My passion is to reach our youngest generation through mindful children’s books that teach them about important topics in a way they can understand, relate to and process. I am also a lover of Yoga, Travel, Music, Food and Nutrition.

Born and raised in Colorado, with roots in the Midwest, I enjoy living an active, healthy, mindful lifestyle that includes loads of spontaneity and discovery. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and ran my own business that catered to pregnant women and young children for eight years. I currently reside in sunny Encinitas, CA, with my two beautiful children and loving husband.

I founded Raise Them Up Books! to create a platform for authors, like myself, to share parenting wisdom (and mishaps!) as well as stories to inspire children and encourage thoughtful discussions between parents and children across the globe. 

Let’s Raise Them Up!

Deb Mills

Author & Founder of Raise Them Up Books