Little BIG Feelings

Children have many feelings and they feel them in a BIG way!

Little BIG Feelings identifies six common emotions children feel everyday. It is written with rhythmic and memorable flow and illustrated colorfully with characters and situations that everybody can relate to! This book helps children, and parents alike, by creating emotional awareness, teaching self-love, teaching  self-regulation through breathing techniques and promoting compassion for others

Insider Note From The Author

I had the idea for this book in response to watching my three and six year-old go on their own emotional rollercoaster rides. The ups and the downs we all experienced in a day was intense to say the least! Each scenario written in this book is a real example, and now sweet memory, of something that happened in our lives. As a Yoga Instructor, I was taught that it takes at least three deep breaths to impact our nervous system, which can help us feel more calm and present. As I looked at my little kids with such big emotions, I realized how powerful it could be to teach children, and parents, this simple and effective technique. And that’s how Little BIG Feelings was born!


The Fruit Galoot: A Story of Compassion and Resolution

Why is all the fruit missing from Ames and Allie’s garden? Who could be so hungry that they had to take it all?  Follow Ames and Allie on their journey as they make new friends and learn what it means to have compassion and to find a resolution.

The Fruit Galoot is the first book of the “BIG Words With BIG Meaning Series”.

The intention of this series is to teach our children important words and characteristics through stories that can translate to real life experiences and situations. Each of these stories are based on at least two “big” words, which are conveyed through the story and defined at the end of the book. These books are beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme. At the end of each book, there are discussion topics and resources for readers to take learning and making a difference to the next level.

Insider Note From The Author

In my opinion, compassion is one of the most important characteristics to teach my children. I also want to teach them how to be problem solvers which is how the story of The Fruit Galoot was born. It is hard to not feel compassion for the Fruit Galoot and his friends as they are hungry and need food. The children in this story feel inspired to help and they do. This sweet story reveals that we have flaws in our society, but that with compassion and resolve, we can make a difference. The illustrations of this book hold a special place in my heart, as Ames and Allie are based off of my own children. Even their “lovies” and our dogs are included. It is a precious time stamp for me of that period in my life, but the importance of the story and its message are timeless.

Holy Moly Roly Poly! A Story of Awareness and Empathy

“Holy Moly Roly Poly! You need to slow down. You are not the only bug in this town.” 

Follow Roly Poly on his reckless journey as he discovers the importance of being aware and as he learns how his actions affect others.

Holy Moly Roly Moly! is the second book of the “BIG Words With BIG Meaning Series”.

Insider Note From The Author

Roly Poly was a fun character to create and write a story about! He was inspired by a young kid who goes about their day fast and furious with only their wants in mind. Children are born self-centered, which is normal behavior for a period of time until they learn how to control impulses and start to see how their actions affect others. This book was created to introduce that concept to young readers and help them 

become more self-aware, aware of others around them, and empathetic. This book is special to me as my kids helped me come up with Roly Poly’s “crashing scenes”. It was a collaborative effort with my target audience.

Praise for Raise Them Up Books!

It’s been a long time since we had a book that captured my kids’ attention and also gave us a new way of communicating. Little BIG Feelings totally transformed how I talk to my kids when emotions escalate and they are on the verge of a meltdown. It also helped us talk about ways to appreciate moments of joy and ways we can be more mindful. I love this book so much and recommend it to all ages!

Addie Spahr Kim, Elevated Mama Life

I love, love, love this story! The illustrations are incredible, too!

I love that your stories focus on positivity and bringing out the “good” in everyone! 

Great job, The Fruit Galoot is another winner!  I would for sure use this story in my classroom, too.

Danner Jantzer, Mom & Gradeschool Teacher for 18+ years

Deb Mills does it again! The Fruit Galoot is a great book to add to your bookshelf. I can’t wait to read it to my first graders!

The lesson is simple; with compassion, there is no problem that can’t be solved. Teaching kids to connect to others at a young age is important work and this book does a wonderful job!

Natalie McPheters, Elementary School Teacher

The Fruit Galoot provides adults with a great tool to use to teach BIG words that can be hard to explain! I appreciate the thoughtful questions in the back of the book as a way to spark conversation with kids around lofty topics. 

Lisa Christopherson, Mom & Elementary School Principal