Happy New Year! We made it through the holidays! Hopefully you left behind the stress and craziness of it all, and took the precious memories and experiences with you into 2019. 

As I go into this New Year, with new goals, I can’t help but remind myself about the concept of not only believing in myself, but believing in something bigger than myself. Something greater. 

I am at my computer (finally with time to focus on my business and books now that the kids are back in school!), and I am second guessing myself. “Do I really want to start another business?  What if I am not successful? Are my books even good enough? Is it worth the investment of time and money?” 

One of the hardest parts about believing and believing in something bigger than ourselves is that we don’t know what that looks like and we don’t have total control of what is and what will be. 

There was a lot of conversation in our home this holiday season around “believing” as my 8 year old started asking questions about Santa being real. He desperately wants to believe (and for now, he still does), but you can see him beginning to question the practicality of it all. He is wanting answers to questions I can’t answer. “How does he fly?  How can he remember everybody’s name and what they want? What if someone doesn’t have a chimney? Why do some people get more than others from Santa?” And on and on…

Many of my parent friends, and parents everywhere, are faced with this transition. So maybe there isn’t an actual man with elves that lives in the North Pole and flies with reindeer, but the spirit of Santa and what it does for people during the holiday season is very real. So maybe I put my books out there and they do not sell as well as I hoped, but maybe it resonates with even one person and changes their path for the better or maybe it leads me to another path or journey I don’t know about yet.

What I have come to know and feel in my heart, is that we don’t need to have all of the answers because often times what is to come is bigger than ourselves. Believing is the gift. Whether it is believing in yourself enough to take a chance without knowing the outcome or believing in Santa, there is definite power in believing.  The details don’t necessarily matter. It is the bigger picture that does. When we try to dumb down concepts or ideas to a capacity we can understand and process, we loose a lot of what could be. 

So, for me personally and professionally, I am going to choose to believe in myself and something greater than myself. I am going to decide to be okay with not having all of the answers.

Now back to work!

Ho! Ho! Ho!