The title of my first published book is, Little BIG Feelings and this is our working cover!

In addition to the concept of taking three deep breaths, the other major component of my first published book is emotions. 

We all have them and we all have a lot of them!

Whether or not you have children, you have probably noticed that children feel things in a BIG way. Chances are you have seen a child throwing a tantrum or screaming with excitement in Target, at the airport or in a restaurant. If you have a child or children, chances are this is a big part of your life and engrained in your memory along with other situations of your child weeping at school drop off or when their toy breaks or losing it at the thought of sharing. 

Although sometimes these situations seem irrational, we can’t blame them for this. The things that cause children to react this way matter to them in a way that the things that cause emotion in adults matter to us. In their world, and in their minds, these things really matter. I believe it is our responsibility as parents, teachers, adults and coaches to help children be able to process and navigate their own emotions. 

Little BIG Feelings is a fun, colorful, friendly children’s picture book, the first of it’s series, that addresses different emotions that children experience frequently. It gives examples and illustrations of circumstances that cause each emotion, lets children know that it is normal to feel them, and that everybody does, and teaches our children to breathe deep to process their emotions. 

The intention of the book is to let children know it is ok to have emotion but teach them how to overcome the difficult ones and how to be present during the positive ones. It is also my intention to create a dialogue about emotions between children and their adult figures.

Little BIG Feelings will be available to purchase in April 2018 but stay tuned in for more illustrations and announcements on upcoming books!