I started writing children’s books over seven years ago when I had my first child. The ideas have come to me through my personal interactions or “moments” with my children. Moments where I felt deeply connected and inspired by the purity, wonder, innocence and greatness of being a child. 

The first book I ever wrote was inspired by my son’s fixation with airplanes. Many parents can relate to stopping and pausing every time an airplane flies by and seeing the wonder, awe and excitement in their child’s face. “Airplane, airplane way up in the sky…It’s hard to believe you have so many people inside! So many people each with a story of their own. Some flying away. Some flying home. Some are young and some are grown.” More of that book to come once it is published!

Ideas, or as I like to call them,”Inspirations”, for children’s books have continued to come to me, and I say it like that because it feels like the idea was gifted to me, and I have to write it down before it is lost. I have continued to write these “inspirations” and books down in my black notebook over the years as my son has grown older, as we welcomed our daughter into the world and as they continue to grow and navigate through adolescence. I am ready to get them out there for others to read as well as to continue to write and be inspired!

  It is my hope that children and parents alike will enjoy my books and take something from them that will encourage mindfulness, kindness, presence, patience, excitement, wonder and more.

Stay tuned in! My first book should be published by Spring 2019 but illustrations and sneak peeks will be happening along the way!