Take a Deep Breath. No, Take Three.

I have taught Yoga for eight years. I have studied under many Instructors as well as Breath Workers. In that time, I learned that it takes at least three deep breaths to make an impact on our nervous system, which is affected by the many emotions we experience every day. There is physiological research that backs this up, but why don’t you try it for yourself? Next time you feel anxious, angry, excited, or just need to feel present, take three deep breaths. Actually, just try it right now! Not one, but at least three deep breaths. Do you notice the difference between how you felt before and after?

Learning to breathe deep is a simple and effective tool to help us feel calm and present. This is a tool we can use for ourselves, as well as to teach and empower our children, to overcome negative emotions and to be present during positive ones. 

This concept is a major part of the first children’s book that I will publish. 

The next blog I post will include the other important component of my first published book as well as the title! Stay Tuned!

And remember to take THREE deep breaths! Because, telling someone to “Calm down!” has never worked out well. 😉