My daughter learned to ride a bike yesterday without training wheels! Her training wheels kept coming loose so I asked her if she wanted to try riding without them. She took the opportunity, got on and just did it! Of course she felt nervous, scared and uncertain but this did not hold her back. This is the start of a new beginning for her, (And our family! Think of each person riding their own bike to dinner or ice cream!! Such a long way from having little babies!!)

There are new beginnings all around us. New babies, new jobs, new homes, new friends… But, what if we allow ourselves to dig deeper? What if we allow new beginnings to stem from inspiration?

Have you ever felt the feelings that come along with that magical moment when you feel inspired so much by something, that you are motivated to allow a new beginning? For me, this feeling comes with goose bumps, a tingly feeling, and most importantly, a moment of clarity and presence that feels so real it is almost tangible. I have learned to trust this feeling and go with it. Even if I am nervous, scared or feel uncertain. This journey of writing and publishing children’s books is one of those moments and beginnings for me. 

I believe everybody has a creative spark and everyone certainly has the ability to be inspired. You just have to be open to it. Even if it doesn’t lead you were you hoped for or expected, at least you were authentic to yourself. 

Cheers to inspiration and new beginnings!